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The path that brought me to yoga begins in a community education class in Athens, Ohio. I had no idea it would change my life in the ways that it has and continues to do. That was in about 1993 and I've seen yoga benefit my life beyond comprehension. I try to take as many classes in as many styles as I can find. This curiosity influences my teaching, allowing my classes to have a flow that doesn't quite fit into any one style. This is not to say that I've created my own style, but that I draw from many streams of wisdom.

My classes are known to be sweet, but also challenging in ways both physical and mental. To me, yoga isn't just a physical practice, it is something more than that. Every person defines "more than that" in their own way and that's part of what makes it all beautiful.


I am a lifelong musician--originally as a flutist, but now a vocalist and harmonium player. I have studied sacred sound practices with Sean Johnson, Russill Paul and Sylvia Nakkach and have attended BHAKTImmersion, an 8-day intensive in New Orleans, with Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band several times. I embody self-connection through voice and share transformational practices in practical and accessible ways.

When I'm not teaching yoga, I'm stumbling at learning how to garden and I can also be found dancing in the Dances of Universal Peace. I believe we are all on the same path Toward the One. The Sufi teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan and others speak directly to my heart.

My classes weave together a love for many paths, including music, poetry and Sufism. Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope to see you in class soon!


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